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Super Fast 4G

4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone, mobile communication technology standards, the successor to the third generation (3G). The 4G system provides superfast mobile ultra-broadband internet access, enabling things that were before only run and done properly when in the office or at home using broadband.

At BusinessMobiles.co, as one of the UK’s largest business mobile providers, we pride ourselves on our independent position within the telecommunications industry. But we also know that no man, or company, is an island.

As such, we have fantastic partnerships with all of the major UK networks, and, we are pleased to say, with the only three networks in the UK that now provide the brand-new, super-fast 4G.

The network provider EE have recently doubled their network speeds and have now got over 105 UK towns and cities 4G-ready and raring to go. But good businesses never rest and EE are looking to increase that quota of UK towns and cities to 120 before the end of 2013.

The telecom giants O2 and Vodafone have recently launched their 4G networks and are looking to increase their areas of coverage throughout the UK in the coming year. This will open up new Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK for all their 4G-plan customers.

Check below to see whether you’re in an EE, O2 or Vodafone 4G-ready area.



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