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Three are fastest growing network in the U.K. and cover 97% of the U.K. population.

We are Partners to Three, which gives us access to exclusive and bespoke deals on all their packages, which are perfect and specifically made for businesses. With each business requiring different packages and having different requirements, the packages Three provide suit everyone from sole traders to large corporate businesses with large numbers of handsets.

One of the types of packages available is the Business Flat Rate, which differentiate in price starting at as little as £8.25 + VAT per month. Each package differs in price and amount of minutes, texts and data. These packages are known as individual plans, so each individual will have their own allowance of minutes, texts and data to use. On a Three account, you are able to have multiple individual plans at different prices to best suit your needs.

Also available with Three, for small business straight through to large corporate, are the Business Sharer plans. With these plans, you choose your minutes and text allowances for each handset/connection within your business to share from. The allowances range form 1000 minutes and texts to 4,000. In addition to this allowance, if you require mobile data – whether it’s BlackBerry, iPhone or Android specific data – these will need to be added on separately, for a cost of £11.25 per month.

As business is done worldwide and on the move throughout the UK, businesses and business employees are required to travel. With Three Sharer and individual plans, you can add a worldwide and Euro Internet Pass to help keep additional costs down when using your phone abroad.

Finally, if you are currently a customer with Three and looking to upgrade, with an alternative network but looking to move to Three or would like to see the different deals, packages and handsets available. Use the buttons below to view our handset list and/or go to Package Creator to create the Three deal best suited to you and your business.

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