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EE- Everything Everywhere

EE (Everything Everywhere) is the largest mobile network operator in the UK, with around 28 million customers. EE is a 50:50 joint venture between T-Mobile and Orange who merged in 2010 and were the UK’s first 4G network provider.

We are Premier Partners for EE, which gives us access to exclusive and bespoke deals on all their packages, including their super fast 4G internet. EE are able to provide 4G to over 120 UK towns and cities and this is set to increase even further before the end of 2013. In addition, EE have recently doubled their speeds within the 4G ready areas, so both consumer and businesses can experience an average speed of 24-30MB per second and highs of 60MB per second.

With each business having different requirements, the packages EE provide suit everyone from sole traders to large corporate businesses with large numbers of handsets.

One of the types of packages available are the EE phone plans, which differentiate in price, starting at £30.00 + VAT per month. Each package differs in price and amount of minutes, texts and data – they are also individual plans, so each user will have their own allowance of minutes, texts and data to use. On an EE account, you are able to have multiple individual plans at different prices to best suit your needs.

Also available with EE (whether you’re a small business or large corporate organisation) are the EE Sharer Plans. With these plans, you choose your minutes and text allowances for each handset/connection within your business to share from. The allowances range from 500 minutes and texts to 10,000. In addition to this allowance, if you require mobile data – whether it’s BlackBerry, iPhone or Android specific data – these will need to be added on; whether it be the same amount of data or different amounts on each handset, certain handsets having data and others not or having one large amount of data to share (as with the minutes and texts). The amounts of data available from EE differ in maximum sizes depending on their use – individual data additions/bundles go from 250MB to 4GB and from 500MB to 4GB to share.

As business is done worldwide, you can add worldwide and European traveler bundles to help keep additional costs down when using your phone abroad. When using tablets, laptops and handsets (with low data amounts) when travelling around the UK, EE can offer fantastic Mobile Broadband deals either as data sims or a mobile broadband dongle. The amounts of mobile broadband data range from 3GB to 8GB.

Finally, if you are currently a customer with EE and looking to upgrade, with an alternative network but looking to move to EE or would like to see the different deals, packages and handsets available; use the buttons below to view our handset list and/or go to Package Creator to create the Orange deal best suited to you and your business.

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