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The HTC One Takes Pole Position Three Times at the 2013 T3 Gadget Awards

The HTC One, the smartphone that packs a sophisticated technological punch, has beaten nine other contenders, including both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5, to the 2013 T3 Award’s title of Phone of the Year.

More impressively, the new HTC One, the flagship Android (Jelly Bean) handset from the Taiwanese phone producer HTC, took its place alongside some of the best technological advances in recent years by winning the renowned T3 Gadget of the Year and the more impressive T3 Design Award, where it came up against the Apple iPad mini, Apple iMac, KEF M500 headphones and Hasselblad Lunar.

This success not only spotlights HTC as a worthy leader of the high-end smartphone market but also marks it down as the home of leading technological products in general.

Kieran Alger, Editor-in-Chief of T3, said: “The HTC One is HTC back to its best, producing one of the most capable and stylish smartphones ever. It’s not only a beautiful-looking phone that stands out amid a lot of very similar handsets, it’s also a superbly powerful piece of kit.”

With its 4.7-inch (diagonal) full HD screen, with a whopping 468ppi, the 4G-ready HTC One offers a well-thought-out design that is as meticulous in its form as it is impressive in its function. This break-through smartphone also has a four-megapixel camera, which captures 300% more light than other phones, and offers one-press continuous shooting.

HTC hopes that these awards will go some way to help gain back the lost market share it has suffered in recent years to rivals such as Samsung and Apple. And it is making significant inroads in pulling this off. “With the help of [the] HTC One,” the company recently said, “we have regained superphone market share across major markets including China”.

Other victors at the T3 Gadget Awards were the 11-inch MacBook Air, T3 Computer of the Year and the Apple iPad mini, the T3 Tablet of the Year. And Samsung took the award for the T3 Tech Brand of the Year.

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