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The iPad Mini Makes Doing Business Easy

A year on since its launch in October 2012, Apple’s iPad mini is not only forging ahead with sales in the consumer tablet marketplace – it’s especially popular with women in the UK, but is also stealing an increasing portion of the business tablet market as a more-than-capable alternative to the laptop.

Marketed as a concentration of iPad technology rather than just a reduction of size, the light and well designed iPad mini has found favour with those business-folk looking for a capable device offering a suite of user-friendly business tools, such as calendars, reminders, Internet, email and video calls. And, if you are away from the office a good deal, but need to stay in contact, the iPad mini makes contacting team members and clients via emails and video calls simple.

Perfect for business life on the go, the iPad mini can work with both Wi-Fi and a range of cellular networks, which means working efficiently and effectively while offsite, in any location, is now refreshingly straightforward – with no frantic searches for Wi-Fi hotspots.

The iPad mini has a sleek and sturdy aluminium and glass unibody; light enough to be held with one hand and small enough to stow away with ease when on the move. And the 10-hour battery life means that it won’t give up the ghost when visiting clients.

And the great thing about the iPad mini is its versatility in use. With hundreds of apps out there to enhance, streamline and organise any method of business the iPad mini enables its user to carry out and organise their business just as they want, when they want.

The iPad mini’s super-fast A5 chip gives superior computing power and boasts screen resolution as good as its larger iPad cousins. And though the screen is only 7.9 inches on the diagonal it is still capable of delivering great presentations for those one-to-one meetings.

The iPad mini can print to Wi-Fi-enabled printers and can easily be integrated into your company’s existing infrastructure. It has built-in support for key business technologies, including Exchange, SSL, VPN, WPA2 Wi-Fi and Mobile Device Management.

And security is premium, as the iPad mini’s iOS 7 operating system, which in itself is an intuitive pleasure to use, provides a layered security set-up to protect any business-critical information.

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